Our values

We are a family-run industrial group that has grown considerably over three generations. Originating as a small craft business in 1909, Demeyere Group today is one of the European leaders in furniture manufacture.

Our sound experience makes us strong. We make sure we evolve constantly in order to best meet the demands of our distributors, with quality service and international deliveries. We also consider our final consumers, for whom we aim to provide standard-compliant products of consistent quality.

Demeyere Group’s identity is based on
four aspects we value greatly:


In 2014, the company changed its business model. We went upmarket by providing a more contemporary style, more new products and a wider range of services. Demeyere Group relies on being able to work together to implement suggestions for improvement. Our collections are now renewed more frequently to keep up with trends and meet the requirements of our distributors and final consumers.

Demeyere's flexibility
Demeyere's innovation


Due to changing methods of management, our design process has become more efficient. A lot of work goes into designing and creating the furniture to provide new functions and styles in line with current trends. Our responsiveness is a key factor to effective progress.

A local approach

We are not only a furniture manufacturer, we are a partner that our distributors can rely on. We work directly with them to produce furniture that is perfectly suited to their demands and those of consumers. This is a genuine process of co-development. Above a certain volume, we offer them collections consisting of products that are exclusive in their geographical area. Our internal organisation enables us to provide greater responsiveness and increased market relevance.

Demeyere's proximity
Demeyere's commitment


We are a family-run business, backed by employees who are directly involved in product development. Our unity makes us stronger. For Demeyere Group, it is essential to support local employment in the Nord and Charentes regions, where our factories and logistics sites are present. We are committed to economic solidarity.

Our values

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