Social responsibility

We are looking to create innovative solutions while continuing to develop our activity with a responsible and sustainable approach.

Local, economic and social impact

Our Group originated as a family firm. We have retained strong social values regarding employment initiatives. We now employ over 800 people and as such, we are one of the largest employers in the region. The sustainability of these jobs is important to us.

To safeguard employment, we put our efforts into training new employees and we support our staff in their projects for personal and professional development. We work both with local employment bodies and teaching establishments. We frequently welcome participants of internships and work-study programs to train at our company.

Demeyere Group works with suppliers, sub-contractors (carriers, recycling bodies, etc.), teaching establishments, charity organisations, ESATs (institutions facilitating employment to disabled workers), etc. We have entered into many partnerships and make donations.

Purchasing policy

Within the scope of its activity, our Buying department subjects itself to a code of conduct that aims to take social and environmental factors into consideration.

This is achieved through an exemplary relationship with our suppliers, in the aim of ensuring our values and company ethics are upheld throughout the process, so that our buying policy and strategy is strengthened by a sound approach.

Social responsibility

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