Why you should choose Demeyere flat-pack furniture

We have over 800 referenced items of furniture that are practical, affordable, contemporary, original and comfortable… With more than 5,000,000 units being sold each year in over 75 different countries, we are a key player in the flat-pack furniture market!

« Made in France »

This is our commitment to protect our know-how in the furniture sector, as well as guaranteeing the quality of our products. We are able to attain this goal thanks to our product development team, our three factories and our three warehouses located in France. Our team of French designers create products that cover a wide range of styles (traditional, contemporary, trendy, etc.) and choice of colours so everyone can personalise their home decor.

Why you should choose Demeyere flat-pack furniture ?
Wide and affordable range

A wide and affordable range

We provide modern and affordable furniture. We offer a wide range of furniture items that are as interchangeable as you want.
The products are available in many sizes and colours, so they are suitable for any room and adapt to the constraints of any home. :

  • because our furniture is produced in large quantities, production costs can be kept low
  • flat-pack furniture costs on average 30% less than customised furniture produced to the same standard
  • this advantage in no way affects the quality of our furniture


Our in-house design department creates original models while constantly providing solutions that are innovative, distinctive and suited to the continually increasing demands of consumers for their home.
We provide:

  • unique designs and models that are protected by European patents to guarantee their originality and the exclusivity of your sales
  • prototypes produced for each collection, that are checked by our designers, development department and product department
Demeyere's innovation
Demeyere's quality


In our search for quality, we take special care over our finishing: lacquered MDF panels, 28 mm thick tops, textured paper decors, soft closing hinges, solid edges, etc. Our attention to detail will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

We design products that are in line with the strictest regulations for compliance and safety :

  • More than 7,000 items of furniture per year are assembled and checked by our quality teams
  • Over 600 mechanical tests are carried out in laboratories every year
  • We are granted certificates of compliance by approved laboratories for our products that must comply with standards and are subject to directives. More than 25 testing standards are invoked to test our furniture
  • We use components in compliance with the European Reach regulations. More than 50 tests that involve over 200 regulated substances are carried out each year

Effective customer service

Our local position is our strong point! Our team of technical sales representatives is present throughout France to provide information and advice. Our multilingual marketing department of over 40 people is there to help you on a daily basis to explain product referencing and to order our products. The Demeyere after-sales service makes every effort to ensure the perfect quality of our products. Although we do everything we can to supply products that are free from defect, improper handling or transport errors may occur. Our guarantee as a manufacturer is to find a solution to any problem in the shortest time possible.

Demeyere's customer service
Effective customer service

Customer care

The consumer’s wellbeing and protecting the environmental are at the centre of our commitments. We check the quality of our products and reduce our impact on the planet as far as possible, with:

  • - PEFC™ certification for our production sites in France
  • regular reviews of greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our activity and our Bilan Carbone® (carbon accounting) evaluation
  • - regular audits of our energy performances
  • - recycling raw materials at every stage of production
  • - using chipboard panels with a low formaldehyde content - class E1 (NF EN 312) and Carb Phase 2

Customer satisfaction also involves quality packaging, to guarantee that products will be delivered in good condition. You will be offered the choice of several types of packaging, according to the selected distribution network.

Why you should choose Demeyere flat-pack furniture

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