How Demeyere Group works for you

Beyond the manufacture of furniture, we are a truly reliable partner. We put our collective intelligence at your disposal to create products according to your requirements and market expectations.

Below are the five key steps in our manufacturing process:

Teams that are attentive to your needs and market trends

Teams that are attentive to your needs and market trends

  • market research and marketing analysis
  • lcreativity and innovation in the design department
  • our sales representatives listening to your requirements

Each person’s experience, creativity and ability to innovate are put to use in order to provide new furniture solutions. These are brought to life with drawings by the design department. The aim is to widen your collection, or ours, with exclusive products.

Demeyere's support
Demeyere's customised design

From prototype to packaged product: customised design

The drawings are the subject of a technical study by the designers in the development department

Among other aspects, their tasks are to:

  • determine the feasibility of the flat-pack furniture,
  • ensure it will be easy for the customer to assemble
  • write the assembly instructions

The product takes shape, the team creates the technical drawings and the assembly instructions.

We take care over the packaging of our products. The development department also works on the packaging design to ensure products are received in good condition. Our packaging is suited to our distributors, whatever the chosen distribution channel (Internet, warehouse, self-service).

Complementary production sites

Our three industrial sites work together to answer your needs. They provide the required level of expertise to manufacture furniture using many materials.

Demeyere's production sites
Demeyere's catologues

Suitable sales tools

The operational marketing department organises print and digital solutions that help our sales team to market our products more effectively. In addition, we assist our e-commerce distributor partners by supplying the necessary photos and sales information. According to your needs, we are also able to assist with specific issues in stores (POS, merchandising) and for digital channels.

Products created for the final consumer

We attach great importance to the wellbeing and satisfaction of the final consumer. We check the finish and quality of our products. To make assembling of our furniture as simple as possible, our assembly instructions are backed up by video tutorials. Our videos

Demeyere's assembly instructions

Our family-run business has grown gradually while being particularly attentive to YOU, our partners. Whatever your specifications, we implement the necessary resources to meet your requirements in the shortest possible time. It is this partnership that enables us to develop original product ranges that enable as many people as possible to purchase fashionable furniture for their homes.

How Demeyere Group works for you

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