Made in France as a fundamental feature

Product origin plays an increasingly important role in consumer choices, including for the furniture sector. Demeyere operates in France and is proud of its Made in France approach.

From family-run craft business to well-known industrial group

Demeyere has grown considerably since it began in 1909. The family-run firm has relied on its know-how passed on through the generations to rise and become one of the European leaders in flat-pack furniture manufacture. Our history, led by three generations of people who love the business, is the guarantee of our deep knowledge of the market and methods of production. Our experience has made us strong!

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Made in France furniture

‘Made in France’ is our commitment

For Demeyere Group, ‘Made in France’ is so much more than just a slogan. It represents our commitment to safeguard our know-how regarding furniture, as well as to guarantee the quality of our products. We are able to attain this goal thanks to our product development team, our three factories in Pérenchies (59), Lompret (59) and Nersac (16), and our three warehouses located in France. As you can see, we have solid support.

Working together makes us stronger!

We make our know-how available to our partners, so that together we can develop product ranges that are original, attractive and high quality. In practise, this involves a genuine process of co-development: specifications are drawn up jointly, as well as discussions about the initial design studies, testing and industrial prototypes.

Made in France
Solidarity and proximity

Solidarity and a local approach

We make sure we support local employment in the Nord and Charente regions, because we believe in economic solidarity; and because the skills can often be found on our doorstep! The Group currently employs more than 800 people. The aim of each one of them is to provide our distributors with high-quality products that are both fashionable and affordable.

Made in France as a fundamental feature

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