Recruitment policy

Demeyere is a leading industrial group in France for the manufacture of furniture. Our products are sold in more than 75 countries and 40% of our turnover is export sales.

Our teams look beyond the borders but Demeyere Group is also and above all a company that originated as a family firm historically based in the Hauts de France and, within the last 10 years, in Charente. This human adventure is conveyed in the strength of our teams; we have 850 employees and over 100 temporary workers during our busiest periods.

We are pleased to be able to rely on loyal and dedicated workers who are proud to be employed in a constantly evolving Group.

Demeyere recrutement
Demeyere recrutement

Recruiting locally

At Demeyere Group, we make sure we support local employment and we work alongside local employment organisations: Pôle Emploi (French employment agency), Proche Emploi (regional employment scheme), APEC (executive employment agency), etc. Economic solidarity is a commitment: the majority of our staff lives less than 15 kilometres from our production sites, so they benefit daily from this great advantage.

Training and internal mobility

To promote our employees’ professional development while guaranteeing our customers the best products, we invest in staff training. We provide our own training programmes led by in-house instructors to ensure we continue to convey our expertise and know-how. Our training plan is co-developed by the management and according to staff requirements identified during performance appraisals. As we are convinced that careers are no longer focussed on a single profession, requests for individual training leave and accreditation of prior learning and workplace experience are given full consideration and made easier, as is internal mobility within the Group.

Demeyere recrutement
Demeyere recrutement

Work safety and wellbeing

One of Demeyere Group’s main concerns remains the safety, security and wellbeing of its employees in their place of work. Our staff is cared for by a professional medical team consisting of a nurse and occupational physician. Our prevention measures particularly involve work groups to analyse the ergonomics of our existing or forthcoming workstations.

We are interested in your skills

To assist our development, we are regularly looking for new staff with specialised skills: drillers, machinists, forklift operators, key account managers, product managers, sales assistants, designers and developers, supervisors and storekeepers, to name just a few!

We know that qualifications alone are not enough. This is why we look for applicants with enthusiasm who enjoy working in a team and sharing in success. Convinced that our diversity is our strong point, our Human Resources department considers all applications without prejudice or discrimination.

Depending on the type of contract and the position you are applying for, you may be asked to attend several interviews and pass a work-related personality test. This test is administered through a debriefing meeting in our premises and enables us to approach your application from a different angle.

To join us, simply apply to one of our job opportunities online or send us your CV with a covering letter using the unsolicited application form

Demeyere recrutement
Demeyere recrutement

Gender Inequality Index

Since the bill for the freedom to choose one's professional future, businesses with more than 50 employees must calculate their Gender Inequality Index score and publish it every year. This index is measured using 5 indicators over a reference period of 12 months.

For 2021, we obtained a score of 82 out of 100 points (maximum).


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