Satisfying the final consumer

For Demeyere Group, the satisfaction and wellbeing of our final customers are two essential aspects. Furniture is a part of everyday living, which means we have to provide you with quality products that are up-to-date.

Quality and selected materials

The consumer’s wellbeing essentially comes down to rigorously selected materials. This is why we make furniture using panels with a low formaldehyde content in compliance with class E1 (EN312 standard) or the Carb2 standard.  

With the same approach to wellbeing, we have chosen to use water-based paints in the main, which are better for health and more environmentally friendly.

To guarantee the quality of its products at international level, Demeyere voluntarily complies with the European Union standards and in addition, some other international standards (for example: North America).

Through our ‘Made in France’ approach, we are protecting our know-how while guaranteeing products of a consistent quality that are subjected to regular checks. We design furniture that meets the strictest requirements in terms of safety and compliance

Demeyere : furniture production
Suitable packagings

Suitable packaging

Satisfying our customers also involves quality packaging, to ensure products are protected right up to their delivery.
Demeyere provides several forms of packaging according to the different distribution channels:

  • traditional: standard cardboard packaging, with sturdier packaging for safer transport.
  • overwrapping: our e-commerce items are packaged to protect them if dropped or from machine

Optimised services

In addition to packaging, customer satisfaction stems from clear communication and effective assistance with assembly. Demeyere Group provides detailed instructions for each product, as well as videos to help consumers during the most complicated steps in assembling their item. The relevance and responsiveness of our After-Sales Service in the event of a problem is another of our major commitments.

Satisfying the final consumer

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